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'Me For the World' by Molly Taylor.


Young Vic Taking Part


Co-created with members of the Roma & Irish Traveller communities of London.

March 2020. The Maria, Young Vic.

This production was the result of 6 months of collaboration with members of the communities the work centered around, and the final production took the form of a meal which the participants hosted for their audience.

'My job is to listen and put the voices of the participants, my co-authors, on stage'

Lyn Gardner interview, The Stage

"The question I’m always asking is how can we bend theatre to fit this particular group of people and their stories, lives and experiences rather than expecting them to change to fit theatremaking.”


Designer Natalie Pryce                                                     Photos by Alesssandra Davison

Lighting Designer Ciarán Cunningham

Sound Designer Kieran Lucas

Assistant Director Alessandra Davison


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